Our Story

The name Buck & Rye (our two dogs) wasn't always at the forefront of thought when this idea was being born, but the passion for the outdoors was. Rooted in the southeast, outdoor life was a love/hate religion. We didn't grow up with trophy deer like they do in the plains, and the skies weren't black with ducks like they are in Arkansas and Mississippi. All we had was each other and a passion for early mornings, good dogs, the good Lord, and the burning need to be outside and stay there until we could't see daylight anymore.

Buck and Rye is more than just a brand name. It's a collective of morals, thoughts, ideas, and values on proper treatment of life, animals, and most importantly, each other. It's an opportunity to share our passion for woods and water, with all who strive to live life like we do. It's our chance to "burn our brand on the outdoors."